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Dziś mamy:  05 / 06 / 2023 „Gram zapobiegania jest więcej wart niż tona leczenia”- Henry de Bracton
Nowa edycja 2022/23 Warsztatów WrOpenUp

Amelia i Karol o warsztatach " How to become Business Ninja"

On Saturday, another WrOpenUp workshop took place. For the first time meeting was about business. Being the first experimental vintage is known for people my age, but the topic was all new to me.

In front of a computer, sitting and listening sound boring. Fortunately, in this workshop, specialists had many active games prepared. One of them was a crossword, but not a regular one but out of the business category. I believe that was a good idea when we were split into separate groups, and then we invested our money in some shares. It showed how the system of investment works.

Sometimes, even though people were out of the meeting, they tried their best to replace them. The lecturers helped each other. They also replied and tried to resolve a problem student had. It was the honey for my ears.

The only negative thing I can say is that the meeting started a little past the time, but no one knows what machines do.  

Nevertheless, the WrOpenUp offers creative workshops and shows you the basic but important knowledge, so you should definitely give it a try. I promise you wont regret it!"
Amelia Krysa kl. 3C4

WropenUp consists of companies from Wrocław and cities which are near Wrocław. There are coaches from 37countries. My school has been cooperating with this foundation for 5 years.

On Saturday 19.02.2022 I was invited to the on-line workshops via Zoom. The title of the workshops was “Finance for the Future”. In the workshops there were 28 people (4 trainers and 24 people as the participants). Those 4 trainers came from : Slovenia, Poland and England. The workshops began at 10:18 .

In the beginning we were shown a film about the history of money which was followed by the Kahoot quiz. The Slovenia trainer, Blaz, showed us a presentation about money. The main topic of his presentation was the history of money . We discussed where we could get some money from. We learned a lot for example some facts about VAT .

After that we had a 20 minutes break. The second part of the workshops started at 11:21 AM.

The trainer from Poland , Magda, explained how to be smart with money. The main focus of her presentation was saving money. Moreover, she spoke about inflation. We did a quiz via Menti about money in general and about saving money. The quiz was followed by the discussion. She told us about the 50/30/20 Budgeting Rule . 50 % should go to the needs, 30 % to whims, and 20 % for savings. At the end we did the crossword about the main topic.

The next break lasted 10 minutes.

The trainer from Poland, Dominik, explained how to plan and save for the future. The main topic of his presentation was planning your own budget.

The third part of workshops started at 12. 10 AM. We discussed the issues connected with our budgets in groups.

The next trainer from England, Milan, showed us how to invest. It was followed with the group discussion . We were thinking what we would do with 10 000 zł. We heard about some investment companies and we created the group of the best ones.

I liked all the presentations, but specially the second one about inflation. It was really thought-provoking.

Karol Fuławka kl. 1B


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